Building my production room at The Aviary

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In June 2012 I set up my current production room, on the side of The Aviary Studio and Creative Space.  After some research into the best way to treat the room and test the result, I enlisted the carpentry skills of DJ Manchild.

I decided to purchase a pack of Tontine Acoustisorb 3 (10cm thick) for it’s combination of decent broadband absorption and for being much easier to work with than mineral/glass fibre.  We then set about building frames for it and covering it with breathable cotton fabric.  We made corner bass traps as several panels that can be wall mounted and moved around.  These broadband absorbers are sitting off the wall by 10cm and are all 10cm thick.  There’s no point skimping on thickness here, if you want to be effective < 500Hz – even then, these panels’ effectiveness starts to diminish once you go below 425Hz (since the quarter wavelength of 425Hz is 20cm, the distance from the wall to the front of the panel).  We suspended some panels from the ceiling and covered other early reflection points then started measuring using Room EQ Wizard, a free java app created by Ethan Winer.  This helped us place the remaining panels and move a few things around.

Manchild also built a beautiful worktop, which is super heavy. We really should have assembled it in the space – it was a big job getting it up the stairs…

Check out some photos of the build, and drop me a line if you want to nerd out on studio design and the physics of sound!

  • My primitive architectural drawing
  • Speaker stands made from PVC toilet plumbing being sprayed black!
  • The finished speaker stands, filled with sand with hardwood tops
  • The Tontine insulation - best to cut it with an angle grinder
  • The finished panels ready to be covered
  • A nail gun comes in very handy!
  • The client couch, courtesy of my Nana

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On June 23, 2012

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