Recording Mahmoud Ahmed with the J-Azmaris

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Recording J-Azmaris and Mahmoud Ahmed - 3

Here’s a session we did out at Coloursound, out in Alton. Mat has a great little space there and a Neve console which was great, as well as some nice ribbons (old and new) and some classic Sony mics.

Mahmoud Ahmed is one of the most renowned singers to come out of Ethiopia in the 70s, and the J-Azmaris are a Melbourne group led by Ethipian keyboardist Danny Atlaw.

We recorded one song, overdubbed horns, and then vocals. I mixed the track at my room at The Aviary although it is yet to be released, so I can’t post it unfortunately.

Recording J-Azmaris and Mahmoud Ahmed - 1

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On January 19, 2013

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