Tristan was the perfect choice for us. We came to him with a session file of our unmixed single, he took our sonic references to heart and with his keen creative take on production, wove it all together into something more than the sum of its parts. He introduced a new and very welcome perspective to our song. And another thing; he really knows how to pull great horn sounds.

Josh Bridges, The Dub Captains

I was so impressed with Tristan’s professionalism, communication and attention to detail in remixing my Cuban album. Astonished also at the number of observations Tristan’s super trained ear was able to detect. I started hearing things so differently. Highly recommended his services.

Paul Van Ross

Tristan’s firm understanding of soul, funk and African styles of music, his love for strong horn sections and his immaculate attention to detail make him an honor to work with. When Tristan was recording Ethiopian music legend Mahmoud Ahmed when he was in Melbourne early 2013, Mahmoud gave nothing but praise to Tristan’s production skills… that itself can mean nothing but good things!

Jess Fairfax – Multicultural Arts Victoria/The J-Azmaris

Super clean digital production might be great for some styles but totally kills genres like surf, soul and funk. Tristan has worked hard figuring out how to best combine old analogue gear like tape machines and valve pre-amps with modern recording software.  He also has some of the best musical ears of anyone I’ve ever worked with.

Andy Williamson – The Bombay Royale

I have worked with Tristan for about 5 years from producing, managing, and being an artist for multiple band in Australia. The seamless collaboration between Tristan and artist he works with is professional and sincere. His patience, love, passion and understanding of music makes working with him creative and full of positive energy. You can feel the sincerity he has for the art from both in the studio or socially, and his honesty as a producer gives a great conclusion to any project he gets involved in.

Lamine Sonko – The African Intelligence

For the authentic vintage sound we wanted, Tristan was the obvious go-to choice. Tristan understood exactly what we were after and put in the hard work to come up with a recording that we couldn’t be happier with!

Trent Sterling – The Seven Ups

Tristan’s ear and mind for sound production has always astonished me. He always manages to capture the exact sound you’re gunning for.

Darvid Thor – The Cactus Channel

We had an excellent time working with Tristan, both in the recording and mixing stages of our project. He knows his craft backwards, and was able to easily capture the best feel for each of our tracks.

David Abkiewicz – The Brass Knuckle Brass Band

We spent a fair whack of time in the studio with Tristan, tracking the live rhythm beds for 9 songs (I think) in one sitting. It was a big call to get that much into a session but after we got the ball rolling it was no trouble. Tristan had us up and running in “indie four-piece” time, (there’s 9 of us.) While we already had most of our songs written and in a finished state it was invaluable to have Tristan’s ears in on the session. As well as teasing the best out of the sound, he was a great help in refining some of those little things that we’d forgotten were important when committing to tape. When it came to mix down, we knew we were in safe hands. And that was really why we went with Tristan. We know that he knows the sound that we want … Even if we don’t know it ourselves. You don’t bring a gun to a knife fight, and you don’t take funk and soul to a rock studio, you take it to Tristan.

Matt Bird – Papa Chango

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