Chet Faker & The Royal Swazi Spa – Fear Like You

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Released independently through MGM with all proceeds going to charity.

October 20, 2012

The Key of Sea is a project that aims to celebrate diversity in Australian music and culture. On The Key of Sea Volume 2, seminal Australian artists write and record a song in collaboration with artists from varying cultural backgrounds.

The Royal Swazi Spa is a jazz band founded in South Africa many decades ago, and continuing to play township and jazz music here in Melbourne. I’ve been a part of it for several years as have others from The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra.

On this recording, Chet Faker co-wrote the tune Fear Like You which was recorded by Paul Coyle. I later mixed it at Avacan, the shipping container studio I worked in at the time. We were trying to go for a really warm sound, a la Gil Scott Heron.

This song has had nearly a million plays on YouTube and nearly half a million on Sound Cloud!

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