The Bombay Royale – The Island of Doctor Electrico

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Released by HopeStreet Recordings on vinyl, CD and digital

June 2, 2014

The follow up album to You Me Bullets Love was co-produced by myself and Bob Knob.  We tracked most of the band at Sound Park, with many overdubs of percussion, synths, strings and things done elsewhere. I mixed half the album and Bob mixed the other half.

  1. Ankhiyan (Tristan)
  2. Wild Stallion Mountain (Tristan)
  3. Khubsoorate Bewafa (Tristan)
  4. Henna Henna (Bob)
  5. Tere Bina (Bob)
  6. Hooghly Night Patrol (Tristan)
  7. (Give Me Back My) Bunty Bunty (Bob)
  8. Gyara 59 (Tristan)
  9. The Bombay Twist (Tristan)
  10. The Island of Dr Electrico (Bob)
  11. Falcon’s Landing (Tristan)
  12. The River (Bob)

This album, along with its predecessor, had several songs licensed for use in Ubisoft’s game Far Cry 4. 

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