• Recording

    Tracking is the most critical time in the production of a record. My strength lies in creating a recording environment that makes the artist comfortable and while optimising the sound captured via multiple mic sources. I never rely on formulaic approaches to recording as each space, instrument, microphone and pre-amp is different.

  • Mixing

    I love mixing. It’s that perfect balance of left-brain right brain. On the one hand it presents a myriad of technical problems to solve with no such thing as a single correct solution (but still subjectively better and worse solutions). On the other, it’s music and ultimately the technical side of things is there to support a creative vision. It’s about how it makes you feel or move.

  • Producing

    The best recordings are those that have a strong vision from start to finish and this is where a producer’s role is paramount. The production begins when the song is written and the arrangement is made. This is why pre-production is so valuable – it provides an opportunity to be more objective about how a song is held together. Having a firm idea about how the recording should sound helps inform every step of the production. If the arrangement of parts isn’t well composed prior to recording, these issues end up being dealt with at mix time.