I love mixing. It’s that perfect balance of left-brain right brain. On the one hand it presents a myriad of technical problems to solve with no such thing as a single correct solution (but still subjectively better and worse solutions). On the other, it’s music and ultimately the technical side of things is there to support a creative vision.  It’s about how it makes you feel or move.

When mixing I like to have any edits out of the way and any other distractions taken care of, so it’s just the pure sound we’re concerned with.  If mixing on a computer, I prefer not to be looking at the screen at this stage.  The idea is to get to know all the parts in the arrangement, how they sound, how they work together.  I tend to try to move through this as quickly as possible to create a basic balance mix without getting bogged down too much in the details. It’s easy to do too much when mixing, but also important to know when some EQ or dynamics processing is required achieve a particular sound or feel. Too many people use outboard gear or plugins just because they’re there, but the most important apparatus in a mix room is right between your ears.

When mixing for clients, I usually prefer to spend some time alone with the tracks where I can allow myself to fall into the music without distractions, and then can work remotely or invite clients in to the studio to complete the mixdown.

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