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The best recordings are those that have a strong vision from start to finish and this is where a producer’s role is paramount.  The production begins when the song is written and the arrangement is made.  This is why pre-production is so valuable – it provides an opportunity to be more objective about how a song is held together.  Having a firm idea about how the recording should sound helps inform every step of the production.  If the arrangement of parts isn’t well composed prior to recording, these issues end up being dealt with at mix time.

The role of producer means working with the artist from the beginning to help realise the recording of their song. My experience as a performer and arranger means I can get involved with an artist well before we record, and this is my preferred way of working.  This means that when we do come to the studio we’re all on the same page, and the job then becomes making sure everything we do is contributing to the artistic vision.

My philosophy on recording is based on the premise that music should move you. While this can happen for a variety of reasons, one of the strongest is the listener’s empathy with the performer.  My recording style seeks to capture the artist’s performance in such a way that is better than being there. There are many contributing factors to this process, but some big ones are prioritising energy over pretty much anything else.  No one minds a little mistake when a song is delivered with conviction, and sometimes the relentless pursuit of perfection can lead to losing sight of all the other aspects of music. Other factors involve utilising various analogue equipment which can impart a colour that is consistent with the artist’s intension.  This basically means things that get nastier when they get loud.  It means that the recording adds urgency and grit to the

My unique combination of skills and experience meant that I can contribute to all aspects of the production, from rehearsals, arranging, instrumentation, studio choice, equipment choice, recording style, performance coaching and mix decisions.  I’m able to analyse a reference track to work out the key elements and how they may apply to your production, or why they won’t.  Most of all, I love seeing a project through from start to finish, and hearing the finished product.

To hear some of my work please see my discography.

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