Cactus Channel Horns

Tracking is the most critical time in the production of a record.  How the artist feels in the recording space is of the utmost importance, meanwhile finding the optimal position for a microphone will get you a killer sound before you even start mixing. My strength lies in creating a recording environment that makes the artist comfortable and while optimising the sound captured via multiple mic sources. This often means that I work with “spill” in a session, since to create a vibe in the studio it is not always desirable to separate the performers.  Done well, this interplay between mic sources can be what creates the atmosphere and character of the recording. Of course there are also times when acoustic isolation is required and in those cases the headphone mix becomes critical in order to maintain the comfort of the performer.

I never rely on formulaic approaches to recording as each space, instrument, microphone and pre-amp is different.  My preferred way to work is with a clear vision in mind, and am happy to get involved in pre-production and discussions about project goals.  This ensures a coherent sound, whether I mix the project or not – communication is the key.

I undertake much of my work at The Aviary where I have my production studio, but also regularly work in other studios or on location as the project requires. To enquire about recording a band project or overdubs please contact me

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